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Legal notice

The owner of the website is

Puro tehnika d.o.o.
Pod Gradom 2a
2380 Slovenj Gradec
Identification number: 5910234000
Tax number: SI 34998349

The website provides general information about Puro tehnika d.o.o., its products and services. By using the website, you confirm that you are familiar with the terms of use and agree with the ways of using the data described in this statement. This legal notice may be changed by the website owner at any time and is binding on users in any form changed.

Terms of use

The site and all of its original content are the sole property of Puro tehnika d.o.o. (owner). They are, as such, fully protected by the appropriate international copyright and other intellectual property rights laws.

Any reproduction, distribution, making available to the public, renting, processing, or summarizing the contents of the website and all its subpages is permitted only with the owner's express permission. Reproduction, distribution, making available to the public, rental, processing, or any other use of the Puro tehnika mark or name without the owner's express permission is also not permitted. Any use of the statements, content, part of the content for commercial purposes without consent is wholly prohibited.

To obtain consent or get acquainted with the terms of use, write to us at: The use of the website , contrary to the above, is prohibited. The user, organization, or company that uses the website in a manner contrary to the stated rules, is entirely materially and compensatorily liable.

Statement on the processing of personal data

The owner protects the personal data of users of its websites and uses them under existing legislation in personal data protection. The owner undertakes to protect your privacy and will not pass on the collected data to third parties without your prior notice and without obtaining express permission. This notice on the processing of personal data contains important information in the field of personal data protection. Please read the statement carefully before giving consent to the processing of personal data. The owner does not give any guarantees regarding the interpretation of published data and content on the website by third parties and does not assume responsibility for any errors that may occur in the preparation of data and content for the website.


What is personal data?

Personal data is any information that can be used to identify you. This includes are any data relating to a specific or identifiable natural person or individual, regardless of the form in which they are expressed.

Examples of personal data are name and surname, EMŠO, tax number, health insurance number, telephone number, vehicle registration number, personal transaction account number, e-mail address, and others. Specific types of personal data are data about an individual that reveal their racial or ethnic origin, political beliefs, religious or philosophical beliefs or union membership and the processing of genetic data, biometric data to uniquely identify an individual, health data or data relating to with the individual's sexual orientation, sex life, data on convictions, etc. 


Where do we keep your data, and for how long?

Personal data collected by the owner based on your explicit consent is stored in an electronic or physical personal data file, depending on the form of the consent obtained. Only authorized employees of Puro tehnika d.o.o. have access to the data you provide to us. All data is adequately technically secured and stored within the European Union. The collected personal data shall be kept in the personal data file until the consent to the processing of personal data is revoked or for a maximum period of time as necessary to achieve the purpose for which the legal requirements are processed or achieved.


The purpose of collecting, processing, and using your data

Your personal data is collected and processed by the operator for the purpose of improving the user experience, for general statistics on the use of the website, for informing about offers and news, for other purposes based on your explicit consent, and for other, legally specified purposes.


What types of personal data do we process?

Based on the explicit consent, the owner collects the following types of personal data: name and surname, address, post office, telephone number, e-mail address. The website also automatically collects and processes the following data: IP address, browser type, domain names, access times, addresses of websites you have visited on our website, etc. The operator uses this information exclusively for general statistics on the use of the website.


Withdrawal of consent for the processing of personal data

You have the right to revoke the consent to the processing for one or all purposes of the processing of personal data with which you have agreed and to the deletion of your data. You can revoke your consent at any time based on a written statement withdrawing your consent to the processing and deletion of personal data. If you want the operator to remove your data from the online database, send a statement to revoke the consent to the processing of personal data and a request to delete your data from the database in writing to Puro tehnika d.o.o., Pod Gradom 2A, 2380 Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia or to the e-mail address:, with the note "Request for deletion of the Personal data."

In the event of revocation of consent to the processing of personal data, the owner will delete all collected personal data and immediately stop processing them. Revocation of consent to the processing and deletion of personal data does not affect the lawfulness of the processing and use of your personal data for statutory purposes prior to your revocation.


Your rights in the field of personal data protection

Right to erasure/oblivion

You have the right to ask the owner to correct or supplement inaccurate or incomplete personal data regarding you. You have the right to request the immediate deletion of personal data concerning you from the owner. In the event of correction, addition, or deletion of personal data, the owner must notify you of the correction, addition, or deletion without delay.


The right to limit the processing of personal data

You have the right to require the owner to restrict the processing of your data in the event of their inaccuracy, illegality, termination of the purpose of processing or filing an objection.


The right to the portability of your data

You have the right to ask the owner to provide you with the personal data he processes in relation to you. You have the right to require the owner to pass on the personal data it processes in relation to you to another owner at your request.


Right to withdrawal

In addition to the right to revoke consent, in the case of the use of your personal data for information purposes or direct marketing at any time request in writing the cessation of the use of your data for this purpose. In the event of an objection to processing for marketing purposes, the owner will immediately stop processing personal data for marketing and information purposes.

All rights can be requested via the above form, or the request in writing should be sent by mail to the address Puro tehnika d.o.o., Pod Gradom 2A, 2380 Slovenj Gradec or to the e-mail


The right to access personal information about you

You have the right to obtain from the owner whether personal data are processed in relation to you and the following information: the purpose of processing, type of personal data concerning you, users of your personal data, estimated period of personal data retention, source of personal data.


Right to appeal against the operator

In the event of a breach of personal data protection against the owner, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority at the following address: Information Commissioner, Dunajska cesta 22, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia or by e-mail:


Violation of personal data protection

In the event of a breach of the protection of your personal data and in the event that it is demonstrated that such a breach of personal data protection could pose a significant risk to your rights and freedoms, we will notify you immediately. In the event of a personal data breach, we will notify the competent authority without undue delay and no later than 72 hours after learning of the personal data breach.


Important information regarding the processing of your personal data 

The owner undertakes to process all collected data only within the listed management purposes or processing of personal data and under the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) and other relevant sectoral legislation as well as following the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals concerning the processing of personal data (GDPR). In case of all questions, ambiguities, and exercising your rights in the field of personal data, please contact the contact person of the owner at the address: Puro tehnika d.o.o., Pod Gradom 2a, 2380 Slovenj Gradec, SI or e-mail:


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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a web server uploads to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies do not contain any information that could be used to identify you. With the help of cookies, the server knows that you have returned to the website, which can help to adapt the website to your preferences. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. If you do not want to receive cookies or wish to be notified before a cookie is loaded on your computer, you can specify this in your browser settings.


Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are intended for the better functioning of web applications. Your settings, preferences, user login information, and more can be recorded in cookies. Cookies are needed to store information about the status of an individual website (details of customizations of an individual website), help collect statistics on website traffic, web user habits, and more. With the use of cookies, potential advertising partners can serve you relevant ads. Some cookies are necessary for the website's operation, while others are loaded only if you agree. Instructions on how to remove individual cookies are described below. If you refuse to use cookies, new cookies will not be saved. Cookies that are already in your browser before being rejected are not deleted when you reject them, so you must remove them manually in the settings of your browser. If you already have cookies stored on your browser, after the cookies are rejected, these cookies will remain, and the new cookies will not be stored. Cookies are removed after the expiration date.


Page functionality and content

For some functions, the website uses the services of third parties, which may contain third-party cookies. For information on the use of their cookies, see the online policy on their websites.


Web analytics

The website uses Google Analytics for analytics, which uses cookies. To improve the user experience and website, these cookies store information about how users use the website, including the number of pages displayed, where the user comes from, and the number of user visits. In case of rejection of cookies, this information is not stored. Google is committed to ensuring the security and protection of the information it stores on its computer systems, and a multi-layered security strategy is in place throughout the organization. The Google Analytics Software Recommendations and Privacy Recommendations summarize how to administer and protect your information. You can read the terms of use here. To prevent the loading of Google Analytics cookies, you can download a browser add-on: Plugin to prevent the loading of Google Analytics cookies. Your Google Analytics account is set up to exclude your data from all processes that are not explicitly related to the operation and improvement of Google Analytics or the security and integrity of the data.


How do I disable and/or delete cookies?

Most browsers accept some cookies automatically. If you do not want to use cookies, you will need to delete or block them actively. You can disable or delete cookies from our website or the website of any third party in your browser settings. Instructions for managing cookies in some browsers:

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