• Foams of all shapes and sizes

    Foams of all shapes and sizes

  • Foams of all shapes and sizes

    Foams of all shapes and sizes

Foams of all shapes and sizes

Puro tehnika specializes in converting foam into various finished products. We have been present on the market for many years as one of the leading foam processors in the region. We design foam products of all shapes and sizes from different types of foam with a wide range of application possibilities for our customers. Many years of experience and state-of-the-art technology allow us to produce high-quality products with a high range of different treatments and cuts.


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Our products are used in the automotive and furniture industry. We manufacture components and inserts for beds and mattresses, caravans, boats, packaging, etc. All products are carefully tailored to the customer's wishes with the end-user in mind.

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Modern and innovative technology, which ensures the best possible user experience, enables us to fulfill the most demanding wishes of our customers. In the future, we want to strengthen our position in the market and become the leading company for processing PU foams and technical foams in Europe.


As one of the leading foam processing companies in the region, we strive for quality and finalized solutions. We set ourselves the goal of meeting three criteria: quality, flexibility, and customer satisfaction. As experts in our field and based on many years of experience, which we rely on in development, we strive to ensure further excellence and continuous development of our knowledge and technology.


Puro tehnika is a team that relies on trust, mutual respect, and understanding. At the heart of our operations are honesty, transparency, and reliability, which are vital in any successful business relationship. We know that we will achieve our common goals only through mutual interconnection and cooperation, and we value honest and long-term business relationships. All our business decisions are based on sustainable thinking as we are aware of our responsibility to people and the environment.