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Soft, durable, and affordable PU foam is widely used for upholstery, protective packaging, and many other products.

We dispose of over 100 different types of foams of different strengths and densities. With the help of modern technology, we produce quality products tailored to the customer's measurements and wishes. Polyurethane foams can also be combined with other techniques and other materials, such as non-woven substrates, nets, and fabrics.

Furniture industry

Affordability, soft structure, durability, and a wide choice of different hardnesses are the properties that have made foam the predominant material for upholstery. The final shape is covered in a white coating for easier upholstering, making it easier to handle and dress the foam.

  • Parts for sofas, back cushions, seats
  • Sets for garden furniture
  • Pads for upholstered furniture
  • White-upholstered elements
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Bed production

The open cell structure, elasticity, and softness of polyurethane foams provide excellent material for making bed cores and pillows. One of the main characteristics of foams is resistance to microorganisms. The best foams are breathable and hypoallergenic, which makes them suitable for the manufacture of medical beds. We also assemble the cores with pocket or Bonnell springs or from a combination of foams of different hardnesses and make fillings for pillows and blankets from any foam in the form of flakes.

  • Mattress and pillow cores
  • Filling for quilts and pillows
  • Upholstery for bedstead
  • Water bed stabilizers and framework parts
  • Bed production, mattresses, pillows
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Equipment for camping trailers and yachts

Special care is required when choosing materials and making fillers for upholstering the equipment of vessels, motorhomes, and caravans, as the fillers must be particularly durable and resistant to external influences. Combinations of foams of different hardness and density are used to achieve maximum comfort and durability.

  • Bed elements and pillows in trailers, vans, and boats
  • Living and dining-room suite elements
  • Upholstery for folding beds
  • Fillers and isolators
  • Soft elements
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Automotive industry

In the automotive industry, foams are used for various elements, such as inserts for seat upholstery, roof and door trims, car seat support elements, vibration-dampers, and seals and insulation linings.

  • Parts for car seats
  • Different cuts made of coated textile and leather
  • Punching out fillers and isolators
  • Seats for trains, buses
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We produce packaging for all products that need effective and reliable protection against mechanical damage and other external influences. Depending on the nature of your product, we advise and help you choose the most suitable foam for optimal product protection.

  • Filling materials to protect fragile products like glass, electronics, optics, tools
  • Packaging solutions tailored to customer's needs
  • Shaped packaging elements for:
    • measuring tools
    • optical devices
    • working tools
    • lights and illuminants
    • gifts
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Foam is such a versatile material that it can be used for many purposes. It is also used in acoustic and thermal insulation, fireproof linings, toy fillers, cleaning sponges, and seals. Contact us, only the sky is the limit!

  • Acoustic isolation in buildings and silent rooms
  • Filling materials for toys
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